Livestream Discussing the Pandemic Job Market

Jun 1, 2020 1:06:26 PM

Tammy Kabell Live Stream - Todays Job Market & Best Strategies


Above is the recording of my first Pandemic Job Market YouTube Livestream, which is a little over an hour's worth of pure content about how to search for a job since Covid-19 happened.

The topics I covered include:

  • Based on my observations and research, what I think you can expect in the coming weeks and months.
  • The #1 action you can take immediately to improve your chances of keeping your job.
  • Your best strategy for attracting a new employer—fast.

I also gave away copies of my Resume Bundle with resumes from 5 functions as well as my Ultimate Keyword Toolkit, which has 208 transferable skills and experience factors to put in your resume and on your LinkedIn profile.

I also answered the following questions from participants:

  • How do I stand out from the crowd when so many people are looking for work?
  • How good is the Executive Level job market right now? (my answer will surprise you!)
  • In this "new" economy, is it safer to keep your current job than take a new role at a new organization? (It depends on a few factors I cover)
  • What are the steps to making the switch industries? (70% of people who change jobs change industries these days)
  • With ageism and high unemployment, what’s the use for those over 60 to even try?
  • What LinkedIn title should I use if I'm unemployed? (I show you the formula for every LinkedIn headline)

The replay above is a little over an hour in pure content, and in this coming Friday’s Livestream, I’m going to continue to answer the questions that have been submitted to me.

You can submit them by registering for the YouTube Livestream, or, if you are already registered, you can simply email me.

Thanks again to the 100+ people that participated, and I look forward to seeing you this Friday (or sign up for the replay when it's over!).

I and my team at Career Resume Consulting are not recruiters - instead, we work on behalf of the six-figure and seven-figure professionals that engage with us - like you, the executive job seeker - to make sure you find your perfect job that pays you what you're worth!

To set up a time to talk with me personally about how partnering with Career Resume Consulting can speed up your search and assist you in finding a company that checks all of YOUR boxes, visit my private consultation page at to find out more about what types of clients CRC works with and what services we provide, and to access my personal calendar to schedule a time to talk with me

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