Executive Branding Overview rev1

It's Your Career. Sell it Well.

The cornerstone of a successful search process is for you to have a very clear idea of what you have to offer and to communicate that message in a compelling and succinct way to the market. After all, you are selling yourself, so you must portray yourself in the best possible light.

This means so much more that “updating” your resume. Since employers can get hundreds -- if not over a thousand -- resumes for every position they post publicly, it is essential that your resume be more than just a nicely formatted documentation of your experience and credentials. You also need a robust LinkedIn profile, as this is the way an overwhelming majority of recruiters and employers search for their next talent.

In addition, if you are to tap into the unadvertised executive job market, all of this messaging must position you as a standalone investment, and not just a candidate.

Today’s competitive, technology-driven job market requires a completely fresh approach, and that is where the Executive Branding program comes in. The program delivers:

  • A Functional Resume, which is a persuasively written, forward-looking document that acts as your 30-second commercial. It is limited to one page, because decision-makers only have time to read the first page anyway.
  • A Chronological Resume, which is a longer-form document setting out your talents and accomplishments in the roles you have held.
  • Your LinkedIn Profile is overhauled which will result in an immediate impact for you in the number of incoming calls and emails you receive as a result of a boosted online presence.
  • An Audio Business Card sets out the exact phrases to use when networking and reaching out to your contacts to let them know you are in a career search. This gets a much better result because it discusses the business problems that you solve and explains your expertise to your listener. It is also a great answer to the initial interview question of “Tell me about yourself…”
  • Documentation of all of your career history and your achievement stories, which usually end up being 25 to 45 pages in length. This is a combination of the answers you gave when you filled out the resume application, in addition to all of the notes your Executive Search Coach added in your many discussions with him/her.
  • Up to four professionally scripted and produced videos about your career, to introduce your talents to hiring managers, and to reduce the "friction" that keeps people from reaching out to you. These videos have been game-changers for our clientele, and everyone that talks with our clients mention their videos and how impressive they are. The perfect place to house these videos is on the Featured section of your LinkedIn profile.

The entire branding and online presence services take about 8 weeks. (If you’re looking for a quick resume to apply to a specific job in a matter of a couple of days, we’re not the right company for you.) Instead, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take inventory of everything you’ve done throughout your career, and you only have to do this intensive exercise once. Most of our clients express to us that this program was transformational in how they think about themselves.

If you’re looking to control the perception of any potential employer or recruiter, and maintain that control during the hiring process, we are definitely the executive career firm for you. With the new resume, online presence, and verbal introduction revamped from scratch, you can enter the job market fully prepared to take it by storm! 

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