The Current State of the Job Market

Jun 23, 2020 6:07:09 AM

Jun 5 2020 Livestream - State of the Job Market


In this livestream from June 5, 2020, I discuss the current state of the 2020 job market for executives and non-executives, as well as the jobs and skill sets that will be in demand in the next six months and beyond.

I also answered questions submitted in advance about the job market and took questions live from the audience.

My topics included:

• What I believe you can expect in the coming weeks, months and even years—and how it will affect every one of your future job searches.

• Current and accurate statistics so you know exactly what's going on in the real-world job market. No spin or agenda, just the facts.

• I also show my sources for each piece of information, so that you know it is unbiased.

I gave away copies of the slides I presented with the top upcoming jobs and upcoming skills needed for the post-pandemic economy. If you would like copies of this presentation, you can email me directly and a team member will send them to you.

I also answered the following questions from participants:

• How do you explain job loss due to the pandemic or company layoffs during the interview process?

• How has the recent situation changed how companies conduct interviews?

• In this new economy, is it safer to keep your current job than taking on a new role in a different company?

• What is the recent trend of remote work, and will it continue into the future?

• How will companies discriminate against those "most at risk" for contracting the virus?


I and my team at Career Resume Consulting are not recruiters - instead, we work on behalf of the six-figure and seven-figure professionals that engage with us - like you, the job seeker - to make sure you find your perfect job that pays you what you're worth!

To set up a time to talk with Brian Kabell, our Chief Client Officer, about how partnering with Career Resume Consulting can speed up your search and assist you in finding a company that checks all of YOUR boxes, visit his private consultation page to find out more about what types of clients CRC works with and what services we provide, and to access his personal calendar to schedule a time to talk with Brian.

Career Resume Consulting's secret to success is to create a personal brand for you from scratch that is both authentic and compelling, and then partner closely with you in your active career search to uncover opportunities in the unadvertised or hidden job market.

We can also walk you through everything you need to know to master the interview and to control the interview conversation without sounding controlling.

And there is real value and ROI by hiring me to assist you with your negotiations, to make you tens of thousands of dollars (or much more) of compensation once your land your perfect job.

To get more advice about executive job searching and free resources, including sample resumes, a resume template, LinkedIn profile creation instructions, and more, look under the Free Resources tab in the top navigation bar of this site. You can also email me directly.

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