Get Step-by-Step Video Instruction on How to Craft the Best LinkedIn Profile for Executive Job Searching


In 2023, LinkedIn has now overtaken resumes as the #1 way Employers and Recruiters learn about their candidates... does your profile sell you the way you want to be seen?

Most executives these days have a LinkedIn presence, but from what we've seen, most of them are skeleton frameworks that took very little time or effort to put together. This is a death sentence if you are searching for your next executive position, whether you're doing it passively or actively engaged in daily searching activities.

Tammy Kabell has just put together a step-by-step video tutorial for those people on her private advice list. If you would like access to this invaluable resource, just sign up to the right, and you'll be granted immediate access to this tutorial. You'll also receive periodic advice from Tammy that she doesn't share with the public - this information could completely change up your search results!

In this tutorial filled with pure content, Tammy teaches you the secrets of the professional LinkedIn writers that could cost you thousands of dollars and still not be as polished as what your profile will be after following these "paint by number" instructions.

Some of the techniques taught in this video include:

  • Picking out a great background picture that is worth a thousand words to express your personality and strengths
  • Crafting a compelling headline that explains what you can do for any company, vs. just having your current job title under your name
  • What to put in the "about" section that will intrigue the reader to read the entire summary of your experience and your personal value proposition
  • How to add color throughout your profile to attract the reader's eye and give it a more polished look
  • Exactly what to put in your experience section
  • How to use your skills inventory and the groups section to maximize your visibility to recruiters and employers
  • And much, much more!

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