Years of Experience and Best Practice Testing Go into Every Resume We Write

In this detailed instructional video, CRC Founder Tammy Kabell walks you through the history of how she came up with our top-performing resume format and the research and Marketing best practices we use in designing a resume that you can be proud of AND will gain you more phone calls from eager decision makers than your current resume.



If you are already talking with one of our onboarding specialists to explore partnering with Career Resume Consulting to create your Executive Brand, they can answer any questions you might have about the branding process.


"I just got off the phone with a recruiter who has been in the industry 25 years. He said, “This is the best one-page resume for your level that I have ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot of them!""

Walt L.


If you aren't scheduled to speak with anyone from CRC, and would like to talk with Tammy Kabell or one of our team members about your current career situation and determine whether we are the right firm to assist you with your career goals, please click the button below to get on Tammy's calendar.

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