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Snapshot of Services

We excel at perfecting your personal brand into an image of a high-performing executive, assisting you in your active search process and supporting you prior to every interview and through all negotiations, to name a few of our services.

We Actively Listen

We take the time we need to fully understand your career situation and your goals, and provide you with world class advice and support to get you to your destination. This results in a transformative experience for every one of our clients!

Flexible and Customizable

Though we start with systemized processes that have been proven to work, we personalize our advice to your specific career situation. We work one-on-one with you throughout your search, and you only invest in the services you need.

Awesome Support When You Need It

We know that busy executives don't always work just 9 to 5, so we make ourselves available when you need us. Have an interview coming up? We'll be there to support you. An important networking event? We'll get you completely prepared to rock it.

Executive Branding

Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles and Presentation Materials to Set You Apart

Our Executive Branding Program is a once-in-a-career opportunity to take inventory of all of your achievements and present them in the most impressive way.

This is a four to six-week process to fully prepare you for an active search, or allow you to control the perception that employers and recruiters have about you before they meet you, even while doing a passive search.

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Networking Superhighway

Supporting You Through an Active Search Process

This is an 8-week program where you meet weekly with one of our Executive Search Coaches, and get full support in between your weekly calls.

This program uses LinkedIn and some additional automation to connect you with over 1,000 of the right people within the right companies that can hire you or create a job for you. You will be talking with these key contacts usually starting the first week of your search!

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Six-Figure Finish Line

Unlimited Interviewing & Negotiation Coaching Until You Start Your Job

If you haven't interviewed for years outside of your current company, or you've never interviewed for the position you're seeking, you are a great candidate for this fully immersive coaching program.

You are coached for many hours on the most advanced persuasion techniques and learn how to control the interview process without sounding controlling.

Then you are coached prior to every single conversation with HR, Recruitment and Hiring Managers. Tammy Kabell will personally work with you throughout your negotiation processes to ensure you are paid what you're worth.


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