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Snapshot of Services

We excel at perfecting your personal brand into an image of a high-performing executive, assisting you in your active search process and supporting you prior to every interview and through all negotiations, to name a few of our services.

We Actively Listen

We take the time we need to fully understand your career situation and your goals, and provide you with world class advice and support to get you to your destination. This results in a transformative experience for every one of our clients!

Flexible and Customizable

Though we start with systemized processes that have been proven to work, we personalize our advice to your specific career situation. We work one-on-one with you throughout your search, and you only invest in the services you need.

Awesome Support When You Need It

We know that busy executives don't always work just 9 to 5, so we make ourselves available when you need us. Have an interview coming up? We'll be there to support you. An important networking event? We'll get you completely prepared to rock it.

Executive Branding...

Resumes, LinkedIn Profile, Video, and other Materials to Set You Apart

Our Executive Branding Program is a once-in-a-career opportunity to analyze your entire career and to fully understand your value in the marketplace so your first-impression documents accurately project where you thrive and what you do best.  

This extremely thorough process is built with the understanding that in the modern job market, your materials (LinkedIn & resumes) can no longer compete as purely informative documents -- They must be compelling and generate an emotional response to be successful.

Control how you're perceived and leave no doubt about why they should contact you.

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"This has transformed the way I see myself and the way that I tell my story. It really has changed me.”

Leslie O., Director Enterprise Payments & Treasury Operations, Richmond, VA


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Networking Superhighway...

A proactive system to start conversations with the right people. 

Don't limit yourself to the same tactics that everyone else tries. There is a better way. This is a 10-session program where you meet weekly with one of our Executive Search Coaches, to refine your outreach strategy while learning to convert initial conversations into genuine hiring conversations.  

This program utilizes LinkedIn and virtually automates its incredibly targeted outreach so you can focus on your inbox.  You will gain thousands of connections with the right people, within the right companies, who can hire you or create a job for you. Most clients are talking with key contacts the first week of their search! 

Control Who Knows You're Available. 

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"Best money I've ever spent. We calculated the ROI....better than any investment.”

Tina H., Strategic Operations Executive, Insurance Industry


Interview Coaching...

At an Executive Level, you're interviewing in the Big Leagues

If you haven't interviewed for years outside of your current company, or you've never interviewed for a position at this level, know that they're interested in more than just your competence.  How you tell your story is just as important as what you tell. 

You will be coached over a dozen sessions on the most advanced persuasion techniques and learn how to control the interview process without sounding controlling.  It's important to exude the confidence that says "I belong there". 

CRC exclusively coaches One-on-One and custom tailors the focus of each session to address the client's specific needs and situation. Tammy Kabell can also personally work with you throughout your negotiation processes to ensure you are paid what you're worth.

Control the Conversation. 

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"Blissful is an understatement. My skills are a PERFECT fit and they are so appreciative that I am here."

Greg N.


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