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One of the most frustrating and challenging experiences in job searching is not knowing who to reach out to in order to tap into the “hidden job market” of positions that exist outside of the publicly posted job market.

At Career Resume Consulting, we offer a unique 8-week program called the Networking Superhighway Program, where we help break through most road blocks associated with finding a new position, and help you source, make contact with, and get responses from individuals who can make hiring decisions on your job search.

Your new network will include an exclusive group of decision makers in multiple industries. We will also assist you in developing 1st level connections on LinkedIn with individuals who can create a position for you. These 1st level connections will be immediate contacts of yours for the rest of your career, creating multiple opportunities to move up as you progress in your experience and skill levels.


"Everything we did helped me stop doubting myself and shoot for the top and it came through."

Patrick D, Director


Our Networking Superhighway methodologies, when paired with our Executive Branding program, will:

  • Get you exponentially more responses from the employers you contact (average of 2-8 conversations per week with employers/recruiters)
  • Personally teach you how to communicate directly with potential hiring managers through rarely used methods of contact, enabling you to stand out from the crowd.
  • Expand your marketability in multiple industries by providing you with an exclusive network of high ranking industry-specific contacts.
  • Support in sourcing the right companies in a variety of industries.
  • Facilitate locating hard-to-find companies in a specific geographic location or city.
  • Assist you in finding growing industries where there is abundant room to expand your role in a company positioned for growth.

We will work with you one on one to determine the industries you are interested in, the perfect people to develop a dialogue with, and a method of contacting them that is unique to career searching and will keep you top of mind long after your initial contact with them.

"We guarantee that by the end of this 8-week program,
you will have at least 1,000 more first level connections
on LinkedIn with the RIGHT people inside of your target
companies, or we will continue to work with you at no
charge until you obtain those connections."

If you are interested in learning more about this program, contact us today and we’ll have a conversation about your current career situation and whether the Networking Superhighway is a great fit for your next career goals. Or you can view and download our service detail document about the program by clicking the red button below.


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