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When you eventually retire, whether in 5, 10, or 25 years from now, what will you reflect upon as your achievements? What kind of impact did you make throughout your career, and what accomplishments will you remember the most? Will it be saving or generating millions for your employer? Or will it be the moments you're most proud of, such as how you influenced the lives of those around you? As you raise a glass to celebrate your career, you'll likely toast to all the people you've affected and how you've helped guide your team members to become their best selves.

Tammy Kabell with Career Resume Consulting (on her  @Tammy Kabell  YouTube channel and our blog on this website) gives you the steps you need to take to determine how to create that end result and "back engineer" your career to ensure that you achieve those objectives.

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If you're in a current job search and trying to navigate the 2023 job market, you need to be aware of the huge hiring increase we are seeing. In fact, last year, during a month that historically has been the slowest month of the year, August, we had nearly 25% of our entire active client base land new positions in that one month.

These clients saw an average compensation increase of 53.8% vs. their previous jobs over all of CRC's clients since the Covid shutdown in March 2020 (through 2023). That comp increase (of all cash compensation) has remained consistent, right above 50%, vs. what our clients made before working with us. (Of course, we can't guarantee the results you will see in partnering with us, and these numbers are only for demonstration purposes.)

Tammy expects this hiring wave to continue, so she will continue to create job search strategies that you can use immediately to get better search results for yourself. These roles aren't being created in the large companies that are household brands. As you know, there's a news story every week about new layoffs.

Instead, these choice jobs are being created by companies in the mid-tier market, under a billion in annual revenue - usually backed by Private Equity - and our clients are surprised to learn that these companies crave their world-class best practices and impressive quantifiable achievements.

We here at CRC are seeing a record amount of job creation in 2023, which is the exact opposite you hear on the nightly news. If you're interested in Tammy and her team helping you take full advantage of the rapid hiring and job creation that we are seeing, click here to access her calendar and find a convenient time to speak with her about your current career situation.


At Career Resume Consulting, Tammy Kabell and her team prioritize the needs of high-earning professionals - just like you, the job seeker - and work diligently to ensure that you secure a position that truly pays you what you're worth. While we are not recruiters, our approach involves creating a unique and authentic personal brand for you, then collaborating closely with you throughout your job search to uncover hidden opportunities in the job market.

Their expertise also extends to guiding you through the interview process so that you can confidently take control of the conversation without appearing domineering. By enlisting Tammy Kabell's negotiation assistance, you can potentially earn tens of thousands of dollars more (she boasts an average six-figure compensation increase)- making the investment well worth it.

To get more advice about executive job searching and free resources, including sample resumes, a resume template, LinkedIn profile creation instructions, and more, visit our home page and select the resource you would like from the long list of available topics.

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Career Resume Consulting is based in the Kansas City, MO, area, we have coaches in all time zones in the US, the UK and the EU, so no matter where you are in the world or stage in your career, we have you covered. We work worldwide to help professionals find their next career adventure.

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