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Career Resume Consulting is one of the only executive career development consulting firms in the United States – and globally –  that helps job-seeking professionals land their ideal positions and be paid what they’re worth. 

If you’re like most successful professionals in an active career search at an executive, highly-skilled or senior level, this may be the first time you’ve had to look for a new job in years, or at least a job at the level you are seeking. The job-seeking methods that were effective before (and during) the pandemic are now obsolete, and if you don’t have a solid plan to find a high-paying position with a proven methodology, it’s time to consider professional assistance in your search.

A majority of our clients are making $200K to $1.2M. With our assistance, they make a recent average of $130,239 more than they were making before and are always in a job that gives them the challenge they relish and makes them excited to go to work every morning. (Average increase data from Apr 2020-Nov 2023 with an average investment of $10,752. Results are dependent on a variety of factors and are not guaranteed.) 

You get a better job much faster than doing it alone, with a compensation package you can be proud of. We work with you individually to ensure a "right fit" move with the responsibility and the respect you deserve.

We consider our company a “boutique career service,” as we are at a success level where we can be choosy as to whom we take on as clients. Our effectiveness comes from being the best of both worlds – the best practices training from the largest and most established executive search firm in the industry, coupled with the individualized attention of and maneuverability of a small business--All driven by Tammy Kabell's broad expertise. Only because of our controlled growth can we offer this level of personal service to every one of our clients. This has been the main key to our success. We take on less than eight clients a month and work with 22-28 active clients per coach at any time.

We are industry thought leaders who are continuously evolving our techniques, shifting our process and writing style to meet the needs of the present job market and each individual client. In our experienced hands, you are assured you won’t get a novice with little training, an outdated resume writer, or a career consultant who has not changed job search techniques in 10 years. One of the many advantages of working with data-driven true experts in a small business is your instruction and support will be built upon the successes of our past clients, as we constantly incorporate what is working most recently for our clients and discard those strategies that have become outdated.


“Reflecting on my past experiences has been both enlightening and painful at times, but your team has been great at helping me walk and think through this. It's been a pleasure getting to know them, and I look forward to building a lasting relationship with you and the entire CRC team."

Kerry B, Military to Civilian Role Transition, Director Legislative Affairs


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Our Leadership Team

Tammy Kabell Winter Headshot 2024

Tammy Kabell

Founder and CEO

Tammy Kabell is recognized as a global thought leader in the field of executive searching. Since starting CRC in 2008, she has evolved the company into a driving force in the latest and most effective job search techniques.

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Philip Browne

Philip Browne

CMO & Senior Executive Career Coach

After an illustrious career at the top of Marketing departments of household names in the UK, Philip joined CRC in 2016 to head up the UK and EU divisions for the firm. He also services as our Chief Marketing Officer.

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Naomi Washer

Head Resume Writer

Naomi Washer joined CRC in 2017 after an established career writing, teaching, and coaching in a variety of institutions. She is amazingly gifted at getting down to the professional DNA of our executive clients. Naomi's executive coaching and her compelling writing have become game-changing for CRC and all of our clients.

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Brian Kabell headshot in sunflowers

Brian Kabell

Chief Client Officer & Onboarding Specialist

After over 20 years in the service sector, Brian joined his wife Tammy to help lead and scale CRC. He is committed to the highest standards in client satisfaction and team training.

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Clay Schnittker

Clay Schnittker

COO & Senior Executive Career Coach

After a successful career in law and estate planning, Clay Schnittker joined CRC in 2015 and heads up the Service, Finance and Onboarding divisions of the firm as our COO.

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Brett Hunt

Brett Hunt

Senior Executive Coach

Brett spent much of his career rising through the ranks of a large global technology company, and then transitioned to a consulting firm where he was responsible for running a $100M business unit.

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Lacey square-ish

Lacey Schichi

Executive Administrator

Lacey Schichi (pronounced "shick-e") joined CRC in the beginning of 2019 after returning back to the mainland from Hawaii. While dealing with the reality of a particularly harsh and prolonged Kansas City winter, Lacey instantly became invaluable to the daily operations of CRC internally and externally.

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Steve Washer

Video Production Coach & Executive Career Coach

Contact Steve for anything questions you have about the video production, scripting, or recording.

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Ash Kabell

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Ash handles the technical details behind the scenes on the Networking Superhighway program and technical customization on LinkedIn profiles. Ash is also the resident tech expert here at CRC.

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