Here are some simple answers to what we do, whom we work with, and the average investments.


What do you do? 

We assist clients through any or all of the four distinct stages of a successful hiring process.

  1. Personal Branding -- For Career Resume Consulting, this starts with an exhaustive and complete career analysis before the creation of two different formats of resumes, LinkedIn profile, videos for LinkedIn, and a casual, verbal elevator pitch statement.  
  2. Active Outreach -- Teaching, coaching, & outreach to start hiring conversations 
  3. Interview Coaching -- Complete confidence and preparation for Exec-Level Interviews
  4. Negotiation Assistance -- Evaluation, advisement, structuring, and scripting for successful counteroffers that have yielded hundreds of thousands of dollars in increases. 

What kind of clients do you work with?

We work on behalf of the individual job seekers, contracting with them to perform services that will help them in different aspects of their executive job searches. Most of our clients are between the ages of 35 and 69, and are accomplished professionals earning six-figures, multiple six-figures, or seven-figures in their current or most recent positions. Though the following three descriptions don't encompass all of our clientele, a majority of our clients fall into these descriptions:

  • They are starting a career search for the first time in many years, and possibly the first time ever, and they need a plan to get to their next position.
  • They are aspirational, and wish to make a big move up in their next career move and would like assistance in obtaining that.
  • They are underemployed, underutilized, underpaid and definitely underappreciated in their current company, and are searching for a better fit.

Generally speaking, our clients are humble, top-performers -- those who are self-motivated, not afraid to roll up their sleeves and "get stuff done" but who aren't the best at tooting their own horn.   Our processes are proven to work for those who put these strategies to work for them.


What kind of results do you achieve? 

Since the pandemic began (April 2020), we have helped our clients gain an average of 53.2% more in total compensation compared to their current or most recent compensation (not including equity).  Dollarwise, that's an average compensation increase of $130,239.

However, it is important to note that "more money" is not usually the primary objective of our clientele. They cite their 1st priority as finding the right fit and having more ability to make an impact. More money is usually the 2nd priority, followed 3rd by the length of time it takes to find their next position.

**It is important also to note that we cannot guarantee a specific dollar amount or return on investment. There are many factors in a career search, and some are out of our control. Past performance with other clients does not guarantee what we can do in your situation. Learn more about our income and earnings disclaimer.**


How much do you cost?

We work very closely with each of our clients, and each of our programs take many weeks to complete. Therefore, we are usually not the lowest cost option, as our three main programs start at $4,900 each, and combining all three programs to guide you through all stages of your career search ranges from $16,700 to $21,700, depending on your circumstances. Not every client needs all three of our main services, and we will only propose those programs that are a great fit.

Because we know those amounts are a significant investment for an individual, we never propose services until we know enough about your circumstances to offer our recommendations and are confident that we can provide a multiple ROI for you personally.

We offer extended payment options and upfront payment discounts. If you are likely to receive a severance package, we have successfully helped negotiate with employers to pay for part or all of our services.


Are you Recruiters/Headhunters?

No, we are a full-service executive search firm, but we do not have hiring contracts with specific employers. Instead, we work on behalf of you, the job seeker. This will allow us to work in your best interest; Recruiters, on the other hand, work hard to maintain the relationship with the companies that contract with them, so in essence, they are working in the best interest of the company. Therefore, it is not always in their best interest to get you paid what you are truly worth in the marketplace. It is our #1 goal to find you a career position that is a perfect fit in all aspects and pays you what you are worth. Think of us as a "buyer's agent," like in the real estate market, instead of "seller's agent."


Do you introduce me to companies?

We certainly have ways of getting you introduced to the hiring managers or the talent acquisition folks in your target companies, it's our recommendation that you do not focus on just a few companies, as job seekers will often end up playing a waiting game to get into a larger company with which they are familiar. Instead, we recommend focusing on search criteria, such as target industries, size of companies, geographic locations and the job title of the person that will be the hiring manager or someone who can create a position for you. You will find this will help guarantee a great fit with your next company and will exponentially shorten the amount of time it takes to land your next high-paying position.


How are your services delivered?

We work personally with you, one-on-one, and usually support you using a small team of our trained coaching staff that gets to know you personally and is highly accessible to you. Our training is done through recorded video coaching calls, and is supplemented using a variety of modalities, including training videos, PDFs, Word document worksheets and other written materials. Our engagements usually last several weeks to several months, depending on how much support you would like in your career search.


Do you make connections with target companies on my behalf?

No. We teach you how to fish, and not do the fishing for you. However, we give you the lifelong skills to successfully contact target employers, Recruiters, VC and PE firms and Boards of Directors to further your career. When you engage us to help you in your active search, we can help you grow your personal network by thousands of the right people in the right companies with the power to hire you now and for the rest of your career.


Do you have existing connections within market-leading companies?

Though we have been able to help our clients get into nearly all of the top companies in the U.S. and abroad, we do not rely on these relationships to help you enter a company. Instead, we have developed successful methodologies to capturing the attention of the right people within large companies and smaller organizations. This allows us to work across all industries/sectors worldwide. This also means we can help you in your search, no matter what your end career goal.


Do you write resumes?

Yes and no. Though our Executive Branding program does supply you with two different resume styles, we do not consider ourselves merely resume writers. There is a big difference between an executive resume writer and a branding expert.

While resume writers are adept at cataloging your past achievements, they often miss the critical step of linking those accomplishments to your potential contributions, leaving a gap between what you've done and what you can offer to a prospective employer.

Our approach bridges this gap by illustrating not just your history but also the value you promise to bring to their team. This effectively sets the stage for why you are the ideal professional to reach out to. We craft a narrative that not only reflects your past success but forecasts the impactful contributions you're poised to make upon being hired.

These days, to be complete, your personal brand needs to include a robust online presence, and LinkedIn is where a majority of hiring activity takes place (but not on the job board). Developing a personal brand allows you to control the perception other people have about you (think hiring managers and Recruiters) before they meet you -- this is your all-important first impression, and the messaging has to be consistent from all angles.

We even supply you with a 35 to 75-page document with all of your best achievement stories, framed most impressively, to study prior to interviewing. Because of this, our Executive Branding program, which includes all of these things, takes between 4 and 6 weeks to complete. (So if you need a resume to apply for a certain position tomorrow, we're not your firm.)


Where are you located?

We are headquartered is in Lee's Summit, MO, a suburb of Kansas City.  However, we have coaches based in Newcastle, England in the U.K., New York City, Connecticut, & San Francisco. We work with clients worldwide, primarily via video conferencing, although some clients do opt to fly into Kansas City to receive coaching in person -- especially for interview training. 

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