Hear Our Clients' Reactions to Their New Resumes

We consistently blow away our clients' expectations! The video below is a small selection of our clients' initial reactions after seeing their new personal brand for the first time.


Below are the timestamps in the above video for each of the clients' reactions to receiving their new CRC resume. We would love to get you these same results!

Sr. Vice President of Business Development: 0:06

Chief Operations Officer:  1:21

Vice President of Operations: 1:33

Chief Alliance Officer: 1:54

Chief Operations Officer: 2:48

Senior Operations Manager: 4:03

Chief Information Officer: 4:43

Executive Vice President of Sales: 5:13

Chief Operations Officer: 6:24

Sr. Vice President of Business Development: 7:38

Chief Information Officer: 8:19

Chief Marketing Officer 9:16

These are a sample of some of the Executive Branding clients we've partnered with in late 2022 and in 2023. Imagine what an entirely new personal brand can do for your perception in the marketplace and how this new brand can take your career to a whole new level!

NOTE: The video above is a brief sample of what our clients tell us during the 60-minute resume presentation meeting, where we go over the resume in detail to make it exactly the way that you'd like it (only better!). These are unsolicited "raw" comments from our clients in their reactions to their new identity.


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