How to Keep Your Job During this Covid-19 Pandemic

Apr 19, 2020 9:35:26 AM

How to Keep Your Job During Coronavirus


How do you keep your job in a time of potential mass layoffs and panic on the street?

While this time is unprecedented in its scope, it's all too familiar to me, as I've been helping clients save their jobs - or find much better ones - during global recessions, natural disasters, reorganizations, downsizing, rightsizing and whatever else they call it.

In the coming weeks and months, as your employer feels the pain from this upcoming market correction, they're going to get rid of anyone they see as not useful. And that's where we start.

In this video, you'll learn how to think differently about yourself so that you can use the strategies I'm about to share.

And since everyone else is too panicked to do anything about it, you'll be miles ahead of your competition if you just breathe, relax for a moment...and watch.

Many times, the foundational step is to overhaul your personal brand - your written materials like resumes, your online presence, like your LinkedIn profile and your networking statements, like your verbal or written introduction that helps the listener help you.

I and my team at Career Resume Consulting are not recruiters - instead, we work on behalf of the six-figure and seven-figure professionals that engage with us - like you, the executive job seeker - to make sure you find your perfect job that pays you what you're worth!

To set up a time to talk with me personally about how partnering with Career Resume Consulting can speed up your search and assist you in finding a company that checks all of YOUR boxes, visit my private consultation page at to find out more about what types of clients CRC works with and what services we provide, and to access my personal calendar to schedule a time to talk with me to discuss your particular career situation.


Tammy Kabell

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