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Oct 2, 2016 1:20:24 PM


Here is a great resource for when you are writing an executive resume from scratch. This downloadable document below will give you over 200 key words and phrases that are transferable skills and experience factors that can be used in any industry. Using these skills and experience factor words and phrases will enable the reader of your resume to easily picture you in their organization, since you are taking out all of your own industry jargon.

This comprehensive list of transferable skills and experience factors come directly from our top performing resumes from 14 years of writing executive resumes. Now, these are phrases that have been used in a variety of job functions at a whole number of different levels, so you may find that a majority of them do not fit your experience. This is a list for EVERYONE, no matter at what level at which you may have been in that position.

I would recommend, when writing your new resume, that you look through this list of skills and experience factors, and check off the ones you have experience in or you feel you are strong in. Then, with each one you have checked off, think of a time when you have used that skill, or have done that experience, and come up with the quantifiable result of that skill achievement. This is a great way of adding numbers to your resume, and numbers are very attractive to employers! The more numbers you have in your resume - in other words, the more quantifiable achievements - the more calls you will get from decision makers. You can also prepare yourself with these stories to tell them in your upcoming interviews, and giving quantifiable results at the end of your stories shows that you are focused on bottom (or top) line improvement, which again, is very attractive to an employer.

Enjoy using this comprehensive list of skills and experience factors in your new resume, to make it the best it can be! If you need help writing your resume in a persuasive way, feel free to reach out to our office at (816) 600-2478.



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