The Videos Below Detail Brett's Story about Partnering with CRC by enrolling in all three of our Career Searching One-on-One Coaching Programs.


Most of our clients who have not had to search for a job in a while or have a very small network with decision-makers in the types of companies they want to work in next are the clients that understand it makes sense to work with CRC in all three of our coaching programs to find their quickest path to success.

Our clients also include professionals that want to make a move up in their careers and have never applied or interviewed at the level they're seeking.

Our recent client Brett, didn't have experience searching outside of his current employer for over 15 years. He worked for a global household name, and wanted the ability to create a bigger impact with his next company in a higher role.


First is Brett's experience while going through the Executive Branding process...

Brett enrolled in all three of our programsExecutive Branding, Networking Superhighway and Foundational Interview Coaching. Plus, with negotiation help from Tammy Kabell, he increased his overall compensation by $188,000. (Though we can't guarantee these will be your results.)

His entire journey with us, including his rebranding, his active outreach and all of his hiring processes were less than 6 months, which is a year shorter than the U.S. average at his level.


This next video is where Brett describes the advantages he received while using our Networking Superhighway methodology.

Please listen to Brett's experience in his own words, in excerpts from a customer experience interview Tammy Kabell held with him.


In this last video, Brett describes everything he got out of CRC's interview coaching program and negotiation assistance.




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