The Coronavirus Pandemic: The Surprising Impact on the Job Market

Apr 2, 2020 6:47:58 AM


Coronavirus Impact on the Job Market

In these dark days of bad news followed by more bad news, I think you deserve to hear some unbiased news.

I talk with about a dozen six-figure job seekers a day, most of them clients, and I'm getting some surprising reports on what the current job market is like since we've been on house arrest in our homes... and it's not what you think!

And, of course, the number one thing they all want to know these days is what I'm seeing in the job market as a whole. How has it changed... should they even be job searching right now?

I'd like to report what my job searching clients are experiencing during this surreal nationwide shutdown. Spoiler alert: the news is NOT all bad. Take heart!

There ARE interviews still happening, and decision-makers are still willing to talk with people. You'll find out why in my video and how our clients are getting them.

If you would like information about my upcoming live office hours in April and May to help you thrive while working and job searching during the pandemic, where I answer your questions on a YouTube live stream, sign up for notification and details of each live stream and submit your questions ahead of time, to make sure they are answered even if you can't attend live.

I and my team at Career Resume Consulting are not recruiters - instead, we work on behalf of the six-figure and seven-figure professionals that engage with us - like you, the executive job seeker - to make sure you find your perfect job that pays you what you're worth!

To set up a time to talk with me personally about how partnering with Career Resume Consulting can speed up your search and assist you in finding a company that checks all of YOUR boxes, visit my private consultation page at to find out more about what types of clients CRC works with and what services we provide, and to access my personal calendar to schedule a time to talk with me

Tammy Kabell

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