Learn How to Save Your Job or Get a Better One.

Tammy Kabell Head Shot 2019

As a consistent top performer, we know you're used to winning. These days, none of us are feeling like winners as the reaction to the pandemic has turned our world upside down.

Tammy Kabell wants to give you the information and instruction you need to survive in the coming months.

She is holding weekly live streams on YouTube starting in May, where she will explain what is really going on in the job market, and what you can do immediately to adjust to this "new normal" of a job market.

By some estimates, the government is preparing for unemployment to reach 20% this year, so you need to know what you can do to KEEP your job, and if you lose your job, what you need to do to quickly get another one.

The 1st live stream will educate you on the TRUE state of the job market, without any hype.

Join Tammy to understand the new landscape and the first things you need to do to ensure your own job security.

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Don't be someone left out of this new job market just because you don't know how to pivot and navigate the changing circumstances.

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