Your Job Market Minute: Your New Audio Business Card

Jun 18, 2012 11:52:04 AM

When you're networking and you explain what type of job you're looking for, if the person you're talking to doesn't know of any openings for that job, then you're out of luck. You may also be one of thirty Sales Directors in a room. So today, I want to give you a method of introducing yourself that will make you memorable, and will expand your audience's perception of your capabilities.

I call it an Audio Business Card, and it has three parts. First, define the type of company you want to work for, then describe the problem you would solve, or the gap that you would fill for them. Then finally, describe the benefit of hiring you - this is where your expertise comes in.

For example, instead of simply telling someone that you're looking for a Director of Sales position, the next time someone asks you what you're looking for, say "Well, you know how midsize technology companies are struggling in this economy to maintain their market share and they find themselves losing their bigger clients? Well, my specialty is leading teams of people to get back those clients and increase their overall client loyalty, which long term increases their market share."

Now your audience is thinking about companies struggling in this economy, and not just open Sales Director positions. And when the subject of client loyalty comes up in a future conversation, you're the person they'll be thinking about.

If you'd like to try this new Audio Business Card out, why not pick up the phone and conduct some informational interviews. For instructions on how to do this; visit the free resources page for that topic on my website: 

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I wish you the very best in your search this week!

Warm Regards,
Tammy Kabell
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