Client Average Outcomes April to Dec 2020

If you would like to see the individual case studies during this time frame, click here to view or download the PDF with each client's circumstance. Because of our confidentiality clause in our client agreements, we have changed the name of each client to protect their identity.



These numbers include base salary and performance bonus at plan, but not stock or equity of our most recent 10 clients to accept offers. These numbers are factual and provided as examples, but do not indicate what we can achieve in your circumstance. Past performance does NOT guarantee future performance. There are many factors that determine your compensation, and we cannot predict your exact marketability without knowing all the factors. Some factors are out of our control. Actual identities cannot be disclosed due to our confidentiality agreement.


Did those numbers get your attention?
Hear from one of our stellar clients, Brett, below. He partnered with CRC to get to his goal within 6 months. (Our clients are averaging 4.1 months in 2023.)

Even the Pandemic couldn't stop him!

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The Video Below Gives You a Peek into Brett's Story about Partnering with CRC, Specifically in Our Interview & Negotiation Assistance.


Below, you can watch him describe his customer experience in his own words, and if you're interested in hearing more, you can click to visit this page that has Brett's first Client Experience video and his thoughts about our Executive Branding Program.

He also shared his experience on this page using our Networking Superhighway active outreach program.

Not having experience searching outside of his current employer for over 15 years, he needed to interview as a top performer and navigate the hiring processes of today's new roles, so he found that assistance by enrolling in all of our programs, which supported him prior to his search and during his search, including assisting with his compensation negotiation.

Brett enrolled in all three of our programsExecutive Branding, Networking Superhighway, and Executive Interview Strategy & Preparation. With negotiation help from Tammy Kabell, he increased his overall compensation by $188,000.

His entire journey with us, including his rebranding, his active outreach and all of his hiring processes, was less than 6 months, which is a full year shorter than the U.S. average at a six-figure level, even without a global pandemic.

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