The Video Below Continues Brett's Story about Partnering with Career Resume Consulting, Specifically in Our Networking Superhighway Program.

You may have just heard Brett's executive branding story, and if you didn't, then after you watch the video below, you can click to our web page that has Brett's first Client Experience video and his thoughts about our Executive Branding Program.

Brett was getting frustrated in his job search before reaching out to us, because, as a busy executive, he didn't have a lot of hours every week to dedicate to a career search for a role making $300K to $500K, because it usually takes quite a long time to land one of those.

What he needed was a plan that had been proven to work fast. He was a perfect candidate for our Networking Superhighway Program.

Brett enrolled in all three of our programsExecutive Branding, Networking Superhighway and Executive Interview Coaching. With negotiation help from Tammy Kabell, he increased his overall compensation by $188,000.

His entire journey with us, including his rebranding, his active outreach and all of his hiring processes were less than 6 months, which is a year shorter than the U.S. average at his level.

After watching this video, if you would like to learn about his experience working with Tammy and her team in CRC's unlimited interview and negotiation program, click here to watch the final video.


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