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What Our Clients Have to Say

I have had the luxury of working on two job searches with Career Resume Consulting and it has been one of the best experiences I could ever have asked for. When I think about why this is, it comes down to the fundamentals of a good job search. There are 3 elements: 1) do you have a plan for your job searching activities; 2) do you have a way to find the opportunities and; 3) will you look good when you make an opportunity present itself. I can say without question, CRC sets you up for all three of these.


James Lake

Vice President, Sunsmart Technologies

My perception of the job market after working with CRC has changed considerably. People move faster so the message needs to be targeted, compelling, short and sweet. There must be a purpose as opposed to information dumping, both in my resume and in interviewing. The resume communicates a purpose, skills, measured achievements, actions etc. in a very effective one page format. In addition, the cover letters are excellent. I cannot say enough about the results!


Keith Fernandez

President at KF Development Services


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