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Trash your resume. Now.

Feb 11, 2024 10:07:23 AM

Trash your resume. Now. 

"Tammy! You write resumes for a living.... did you forget to take your meds today??"

Oh, I took 'em, don't worry. Hell, if you're still relying on your resume to get a job, I'm worried about YOU.

Here's why:
A resume meme showing Mr. Rogers doing a silly drawing and saying it doesn't matter that he's not good at drawing: "me making a resume knowing i won't get hired." Resumes are outdated. They box you in, label you, and often, misrepresent your true potential. We’re in an era where personal branding and digital footprints tell a more compelling story than a bullet-point list of your past job duties. Nine out of 10 eyeballs that read the content describing your career are looking at LinkedIn, NOT your resume.

Many people I talk with who are searching for a job that pays them $250K+ still rely too heavily on their resumes... and they believe updating their personal brand is simply "freshening up" their resumes.

A LinkedIn meme showing two headshots for the same man, one is "reality": unemployed and the other is for LinkedIn and has an excessively long headline.
BUT: Imagine a world where your first impression isn’t a piece of paper, but a project you’ve passionately worked on, a video capturing your essence, or a personal website showcasing your skills and achievements. It's not just about thinking outside the box. It's about proving there was no box to begin with.

The hidden job market is real. Networking, personal connections, and direct outreach have proven time and again to be more effective in landing dream jobs than the traditional 'apply and wait' strategy. 

A resume meme featuring two office workers cracking up: "and then I told him we'd keep his resume on file."

Innovate your approach. Start a blog, create content, and engage on professional platforms with meaningful insights. Let your work speak for itself. Show, don't tell. 

Challenge the status quo. Embrace the discomfort of trying something new (If an email in your inbox sent you to this post, then I KNOW you are comfortable with discomfort). 

The job market is evolving. So should our methods of engaging with it.

Let's start a conversation about the most unconventional way you've landed a job. Inspire others with your creativity and boldness. Your story could be the push someone needs to rethink their job-hunting strategy.

If you have ever landed a job using an inventive strategy, share it below. If there's a small tweak that made a difference for you, pay it forward by educating other readers.

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Tammy Kabell

Written by Tammy Kabell