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Beyond 2024: How to Plan for a Decade of Career Growth

Dec 28, 2023 7:13:51 PM

Your career is a marathon, not a sprint. My clients hear me say this consistently during our engagement as I help them land their dream job. As we wrap up 2023, let's take a moment to look ahead.

leonardo dicaprio raising a glass toast2024 stands before us, a blank canvas on which we can paint our career goals. Most of us focus on the next step, the immediate promotion, or the adjacent opportunity. But let's take a different approach. Let's set goals that stretch us, that force us out of our comfort zone, that make us reach for the seemingly impossible.

What if we looked at our career through the lens of a 10-year plan, not just the next year? Yes, 2024 is crucial, but it's only a pit stop in the marathon of our careers. Imagine you are standing in 2034 at a party celebrating the past ten years of your career, looking back at the decade that was...

  • What do you want to see?
  • What skills do you want to acquire?
  • What accomplishments do you want to achieve?
  • Which industries do you want to explore?
  • What kind of leader do you want to become?
  • What do you want to be known for, far and wide, that is only a tiny seed of aspiration right now?

A good portion of our clientele is in their mid- to late-fifties. If this is you, then picture your retirement party... what do you want to raise a glass and deliver a toast about?

Setting a goal for 2024 is not just about the next promotion or salary hike. It's about laying the foundation for the decade that will define your career.

Don't just set a goal. Set a vision. A vision for your career that excites you, scares the hell out of you, and pushes you to grow beyond what you think is possible. You probably do this for your team members -- but when was the last time you did it for yourself?

Remember, the magic happens outside your comfort zone. So, as we stand on the brink of 2024, I challenge you: don't just set a career goal. Set a career vision. Let's make 2024 the year we refuse to play small.

Share your vision for 2024 in the comments. Let's inspire each other to dream bigger and reach higher.

Tammy Kabell

Written by Tammy Kabell