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The New ABC

Apr 15, 2018 1:48:29 PM

This is going to date me, but do you remember that great movie with Alec Baldwin called "Glengarry Glen Ross?" If you do, you will definitely remember the concept of ABC - Always Be Closing.

This past week, as I was coaching one of our clients through a brand new program that we're offering called the Networking Superhighway, where we use LinkedIn in a connection campaign, my client said to me, "You know, Always Be Closing is a little outdated... With this new program, your mantra should be:




In the 11 weeks since we introduced this program, my personal first level connections on LinkedIn have skyrocketed from 9,500 to over 27,000. And these are connections of people I would definitely like to work with! Our clients are connecting with similar results, specifically with the people that are in a decision making role within companies that they are targeting - companies that they would like to work in for the next career.

What we've found to be the key in this connection campaign in a combination of two things - first, the message your LinkedIn is saying about you has to be attractive to the people they are trying to connect with - it's got to resonate with them.

Secondly, the real magic happens in the follow up - this is where our clients are sending these new first level connections a brief description of the business problems they solve best - in a way that makes decision makers salivate - along with a call to action to have a conversation with our clients.

The effect of the perfect storm of message, connection with the right people, and the perfect follow-up is going like gangbusters! Our clients are getting between 2 and 12 phone conversations per week. Best of all, in 11 weeks, two people have accepted positions and two more clients are in negotiations.

Below is a video with more information, and if you would like to talk with one of my coaches about getting this much traffic in your own executive search, then here's a call to action of my own - set up a time to talk with my Chief Operating Officer by visiting his calendar app at https://calendly.com/clay-4 .

I look forward to hearing about YOUR success!



Written by grapedesign