The Cure for the Zombie Interview

Mar 24, 2018 1:33:10 PM

Have you ever had the problem of preparing thoroughly for an interview, only to have your brain fry out and betray you during the actual conversation? This is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a job seeker.

Today, I would like to share with you a "secret" strategy that I give my clients to help them mitigate the possibility that they will go brain-dead during a high stakes interview.

In the video below, I go into detail how to create a cheat sheet that not only relieves your brain of having to memorize all of the great stories of your achievements during an interview, but impresses your potential new boss at the same time.

If you are thinking that the hiring manager may look down upon a candidate that is relying on written material to remind them of their answers, think again -- I have asked well over two dozen C-Suite executives if they would have a negative view of a potential employee if they came into an interview with prepared material, or if they would think of them positively, and they unanimously agreed that they would be impressed with someone who took the time to prepare material for the interview.

One of the best advantages my clients report to using this technique is that after they spend the time to put together a cheat sheet as described in the video below, they find they rarely need to refer to it in the actual interview. I believe this is from a combination of thinking through the story thoroughly when documenting the words and quantifiable results on the page, coupled with the lack of pressure to memorize the stories because they have their "crutch" right in front of them. What a winning combination!

Nearly all of our clients that use this strategy end up completely blowing away their interviewers, and most of them end up winning the job and getting the offer. Then it's off to my favorite part - negotiating a creative compensation package that will pay them what they're worth!

If you would like personal assistance during your interviews, or help with your personal brand or connecting with the "hidden job market," then just take a few minutes to tell us about yourself by clicking here and one of my team members will get in touch with you this week to set up a time to talk. We look forward to working with you, if our services end up being a good fit for your situation, to help YOU get paid what you are worth!

Remember, luck = preparation + opportunity!

Tammy Kabell

Written by Tammy Kabell

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