The #1 Word That Gets You the Job

May 23, 2019 7:30:09 PM

The 1 Word That Makes a Difference in Your Search


There are dozens of factors that affect the outcome of a career search, but would you like to know the #1 factor that will determine how long it takes to land your next "perfect fit" position?

In this video, Tammy Kabell with Career Resume Consulting goes into great detail of the #1 factor in a successful career search. Some people call it determination, relentlessness, or even GRIT, but in essence, the biggest factor in creating a successful job search is your DEVOTION to your search - it has to be the top priority in your life, if you are to make a successful transition from where you are now to where you want to be.

Tammy Kabell and her team at Career Resume Consulting would love to partner with you in your executive career search, to ensure that you land your "perfect fit" job in a company that will recognize your talents and potential, and will allow you the impact want and will pay you what you're worth. Contact us today at 816.251.4688 or email Tammy directly at . Or, if you'd like to schedule some time to talk with Tammy Kabell personally, you can access her personal calendar by clicking here.

Tammy Kabell

Written by Tammy Kabell

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