This New LinkedIn Hack Gets You the Interview in 2019

Apr 19, 2019 7:45:00 AM


Secret LinkedIn Hack Gets the Interview


Executive interviews are hard to come by, and this brand new LinkedIn hack makes it easy for you! Are you constantly looking for a way to stand apart from your competition in a hiring process, whether it's with a hiring manager or recruitment / HR? This brand new feature in LinkedIn - that no one is using yet - will give you the power of video, which is the most compelling medium for communication - to make a big impression on your future boss!

Watch Tammy Kabell with Career Resume Consulting, as she walks you through the process of how to creatively use this new LinkedIn feature to get the attention of decision makers in a job search and raise your hand much higher than any other candidate seeking the job you want.

This step-by-step tutorial of a tool that no one else is using yet will teach you EXACTLY how to use this "hidden" feature that LinkedIn just released but didn't advertise, to gain an important competitive advantage as a job seeker, both for executive positions, or any professional position.

Start putting this method into use immediately, and you will start to see real results in your career search.

Use this new hack, and leave your comments below describing the success you had!

Tammy Kabell and her team at Career Resume Consulting would love to partner with you in your executive career search, to ensure that you land your "perfect fit" job in a company that will recognize your talents and potential, and will allow you the impact want and will pay you what you're worth. Contact us today at 816.251.4688 or set up a convenient time to talk with Tammy Kabell about your partnering with you to further your career.

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