Answering Behavioral Interview Questions in 2020

Jan 2, 2020 5:29:15 PM

Behavioral Questions v.2

I've just finished a video for the New Year that is a NEW way of answering behavioral questions and situational questions. Let's throw out the tired "STAR format" and put a new twist on the answers, so that interviewers are refreshed by your answers - and you can prove your value to them at the same time!

And if you have an interview coming up and would like to receive unlimited interview coaching for this hiring process, talk with us in the next few days to set this up.

In this video, you'll get the very best formula for answering behavioral or situational questions, which are very popular with hiring managers, human resources, and all levels of recruitment.

I share with you information I've only shared with my clients at Career Resume Consulting - a different framework than the traditional STAR format that you are probably familiar with.

I also gives you a "peek behind the curtain" on exactly WHY interviewers ask behavioral questions, and exactly what they are looking for when they ask these types of questions in a job interview.

Behavioral questions, which are interview questions that usually start with, "Tell me about a time when..." are not only common, but they are also your opportunity to share with the interviewer what you're really good at, and WHY you are good at it.

It allows you to tell an achievement story with a quantifiable result - if you do this, you will be well beyond your competition in the hiring process! I and my team at Career Resume Consulting are not recruiters - instead, we work on behalf of the six-figure and seven-figure professionals that engage with us - like you, the job seeker - to make sure you find your perfect job that pays you what you're worth!

When you get a chance, take a look at this video, even if you’re not in an interview process, because January is the biggest hiring month of the year, so you should start getting prepared, if you’re not already. I've got a great series of interview advice videos you can have for free.

Even if you’re in a passive hiring process, someone may be calling you in January or February – the two top hiring months – so talk with us if you have questions about how to effective navigate the waters of an executive search. (Hint: we’ve got THE most successful plan.)

I would love hearing about any success you have this month!

Tammy Kabell

Written by Tammy Kabell

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