In a Blink, the World Changed. So did the job market.

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As a consistent top performer, we know you're used to winning. These days, none of us are feeling like winners as the reaction to the pandemic has turned our world upside down.

Tammy Kabell wants to give you the information and instruction you need to survive in the coming months.

In this Friday's YouTube Livestream, the conversation will be all about Phone Interviewing.

Tammy is going to share with you the best way to sell yourself in a phone interview in order ensure you make it to the in-person interview.

​​​​​​​This is helpful even if you're just passively looking and will take a recruiter's call, or if you want to move up in your current company... it's not just for active job seekers.

This Friday, Tammy will cover:
---Why it's important to know your 3 core strengths and how to determine what yours are
---What a hiring manager or a recruiter REALLY wants to know in a phone interview
​​​​​​​---How to handle premature compensation questions to give you the competitive edge

Tammy will teach you techniques to use to prepare for your upcoming interview that will stand you head and shoulders above your competition.

You want be able to walk into your next interview a Rock Star, don't you?

She will take questions from the audience, so that you can get YOUR questions answered by a career search expert with 17 years of experience and daily interaction with current job seekers at a six-figure level.

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