Executive Coaching with Tammy Kabell

Program Description

30 Days to Elevate Your Executive Presence

Includes the following framework & curriculum:

✧ 4 Weeks of coaching with 2 meetings each week
✧ Assess your strengths and weaknesses
Diagnose your situation and organize what you need to learn
✧ Define your strategic intent (your vision & the clear strategy to achieve that vision)
✧ Gain clarity on what fulfills you in a career with short- and long-term priorities
Define your retirement party memories and back-engineer your milestones
✧ Determine the differences in your short-term (90 days), medium-term (1 year) and long-term (past 1st year) goals
✧ Establish key priorities & vital goals for your 1st year
✧ What questions to ask your interviewer to ensure a great fit for you
✧ Learn & implement the 14 Critical Success Strategies: those things you must do and those things you should definitely NOT do

These are the topics that Tammy covers in this program designed to identify and define what you will love doing that fits into your life holistically, and that will pay you very well for your talents and contributions.

The program includes one-on-one coaching with Tammy via video calls, along with clarifying surveys, worksheets and instructional PDFs. You will receive private recordings of all sessions with detailed notes and summaries of each point, along with a list of the questions that both you and Tammy asked during the meeting. No need to take notes, as our AI bot (Fathom) takes care of that for you.

You will also receive a proprietary PowerPoint presentation template for the communication of your 30-60-90-day plan once you start your new role. This ensures a fantastic first impression, which solidifies the universal perception of you as a peak performer.

Remember, the organization sees you as the bridge that will take them to where they want to be. Let CRC help you build that bridge.

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