Timothy B., Kansas City, MO


Before hiring Tammy and her team, my view of the job market was extremely negative. I had been burned by another executive search firm that didn’t deliver what they promised. Their resume and the lack of response I saw in the market motivated me to seek additional assistance. My new resume is very upbeat – reads with more ‘excitement.’ And Tammy has introduced several websites and options for a job search that I had not encountered before. She has injected some energy and hope into my job search with her multi-faceted approach.


Sherry Bowden

Owner, Z's Divine Coffee Roaster

I was tired of the black hole that occurs when applying to jobs. And of not getting any interviews. I knew I was capable of getting the interviews – I came in 2nd more than once. I felt I needed a document that would get me in the door (so to speak) outside of my industry. In addition, I wanted someone else’s opinion of me. Someone who was not afraid to boast about me I guess.”“What I like best about this resume is that it makes me feel like I would be an asset anywhere, not just in my industry. I know this about myself, but could not convey it well on my own. In addition, it was like a practice interview without the stress of being on the spot and with a job on the line. The way you asked questions helped me in interviews – I could get to the point quicker..


Jennifer Hoyt

Head of Marketing/Communications, Stouse

Ramkumar R., San Francisco, CA

CRC Testimonials March 5 2019

I saw an immediate impact in my search in the number of calls, prospects, my visibility, my brand and my noticeability. I was now cut out from the herd. I contacted other career services that charge less and some much more. I’ve seen others who had retained their services and all they did was re-format the information they gave them and gave them some interviewing tips. With CRC's program, it paid for itself in one paycheck. And I have to mention my resume, I had no idea I achieved such monumental successes! Their resumes shine with the brightness of the sun. My coach was fantastic, a true magician extracting the best out of you, plus it is all business with Tammy Kabell and her team. Tammy is professional, personal, humorous, determined and caring. She projects genuine heartfelt qualities that are missing in today's entrepreneurs. Her philosophy is on target, filling the need of her customers; not focused on the bottom line of her own profit, which is where it belongs, on the bottom.


Bob Nadeau

Career Agent at Texas Farm Bureau

Thank you for the call this AM and for all your insightful recommendations for the interview. The conference call went very well. It was short as we anticipated. The recruiter was already a great fan, after having reviewed the resume that I sent her prior to the conference call. All the credit goes to Philip and you and Chris... She stated she wishes to submit my information to the Board of Directors for their review on Thursday. She will be sending me a background check and credit check authorization forms today and requested that I return them to her ASAP so the packet is ready for Thursday morning, i.e. in 2 days. Following review, she will let me know. Her goal is to get me in front of the Board ASAP for an interview. So THANK YOU for the great teamwork thus far!!!


Denis Mouyenga

Chairman, Mouyenga Group Corp.

 James L., Lee's Summit, MO

We first spoke in February and I entered the program in late March 2019, so it's been less than 90 days to get a huge ROI (return on investment)! This was the best money I could have spent, not only for conducting a job search, or in making a career transition, but in building my long-term professional development! First of all, you immediately honed in on my key value proposition and gave me a vision of what I could be for a small or mid-sized company -this was in our first phone call! Second, the intense process of reviewing my career accomplishments in detail provided me with enormous confidence, interview examples of real and significant outcomes, and underpinned your marketing of me as an executive. Third, the Networking Superhighway tools and methodology have given me (a natural introvert), the life-long skill of networking. Ironically, I've become something of an expert at using LinkedIn as well as other social media marketing concepts as a result. Finally, your personal coaching along the way kept me moving forward and well prepared to make the most of each interview opportunity. To summarize my experience, within 90 days of signing up, I have landed my dream job! Your very thorough process really laid the groundwork for a successful outcome that has exceeded my expectations. Within 8 weeks, I had a great offer to become Company President of a key U.S. subsidiary for a small global holding company. I start my new job in early July and will have full operational leadership and direct management of all U.S. functions and employees. Tammy, I could not have accomplished this without your assistance! Although there are other firms out there who promise the same results, I could not find anyone who came close to matching your caring, dedication and level of personal commitment and dedication to me as a client. Having spent nearly 2 decades developing my career at a global corporation, I was unprepared for the job market. You very quickly gave me the skills, tools, and confidence to search for executive level opportunities. Not only did you help me find a great "step up" opportunity that really makes great use of my skills, experience and capabilities, but more importantly, you've also helped me learn and grow as a person, which will last a lifetime. I cannot recommend CRC highly enough!

Matthew Wasson Head Shot

Matthew Wasson

President of Masport Inc.

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