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The #1 Way to Get the Face-to-Face Interview

Sep 18, 2018 8:25:00 AM

In a recent speaking engagement, someone asked me, “If you had one piece of advice on how to get past a phone interview and get the face to face interview, what would you recommend?”

If you have a masterpiece of a resume and a killer LinkedIn profile, and you’re getting plenty of calls from recruiters and hiring managers but never getting past the phone interview – that’s a big problem. You could become just another statistic; it takes an average of 12-18 months in the U.S. to get a six-figure job.

But you don’t have to be that statistic! Even if you’re passively open to better opportunities (which you should be if you’re at a six-figure level), you shouldn’t have to go through the motions for over a year to get your next perfect gig that will pay you what you’re worth.

Here is the one piece of advice I would give my best friend if they had a 30-second conversation with me before a phone interview: keep in mind that you are in the role of a consultative salesperson when you’re in an interview, and the product or service you’re selling is yourself. And in sales, one of the most important things to is to…

In a phone interview, the sale is the face to face interview. At the end of the phone interview, enthusiastically say, “You know, I’m more excited about this role than before I talked with you. Is there some time next week we can meet in your office to talk about your company’s needs in more detail?”

Then leave the interview with a time and place on your calendar – a face to face interview. In my 15 years of experience, this approach ends up getting you the in-person conversation more often than not.

If you’re talking to Human Resources or a Recruiter and you want to make it to the face to face interview with the actual decision maker, it can be a little trickier.

In the video below, I give you some specific wording you can use to make it to the next round of interviews. Click on the video thumbnail below to watch my advice.

Executive Interviewing Tip - The 1 Top Thing To Do To Get the Interview


Tammy Kabell

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