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Busting Executive Job Search Myths: Part 3

Mar 10, 2014 3:05:47 PM

We’re almost done busting the most commonly held executive job search myths. We’ve addressed the rumors you hear, from “I have to dumb down my experience” to “Networking is a waste of time.”

In our last segment of job search myths, we’ll take a look at a few truths you should know as you continue your executive job search.

Job Search Myth #10

“Recruiters are a waste of time.”

Recruiters can aid you in your search for an executive position -- they are particularly helpful if you are in IT, engineering, accounting and other executive jobs. They help people in the Kansas City area find the right positions for them. Add a personal note and follow up with a phone call. These gestures remind the recruiter to think of you.executive job search online

Job Search Myth #11

“Online job boards are the main way to look for a job.”

Online job boards hold only a small percent of job openings, yet a vast majority of job seekers spend their time exclusively on online job boards. There are only a few people going the extra mile to actively seek out companies and positions that fit their unique skill set. This is a much more effective way to look for a job than simply browsing the job boards. Spend the majority of your time networking and seeking out the companies that make sense for you.

Job Search Myth #12
“I’m at the mercy of a bad job market.”

Many people believe that they are victims to a bad job market, and that they have no hope of finding a great, fitting position. That belief is a lie. If you behave like everyone else, you may have a difficult time. If you do things a different way, you will get a different result than the rest.

The job of your dreams does exist. To find it, you need to educate yourself and take action. I love sharing the truths behind these job search myths with Kansas City job seekers. If you’re ready to keep learning about the secrets to a successful executive job search, get a hold of us to learn how our executive job search program can help you find your next job - fast.

Tammy Kabell

Written by Tammy Kabell

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