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Busting Executive Job Search Myths

Feb 12, 2014 11:19:41 AM

Urban myths exist in all topics. There are even myths about the executive job search. Go to any networking event or speak with a fellow job-seeker, and you’re sure to hear a few myths about how to find an executive position. If you believe everything you hear about searching for an executive job, you might make the job search process more difficult than necessary.

executive job search mythHowever, if you learn the truths behind the common myths, you will enjoy a more smooth and streamlined job search. We’re busting the job search myths so you can improve your own search for an executive position.

Job Search Myth #1

“I have to dumb down my expertise.”

You do not have to dumb down or belittle your resume or expertise. Instead, you should promote all of your experience. Your expertise is your selling point, so you need to give yourself credit for everything you’ve done. Let it be known that you’re an expert in the specific areas you are.

Job Search Myth #2

“I have to match my resume to the posted executive job’s keywords.”

When hiring managers have to sift through a huge stack of resumes that are full of keywords from their posted job description, they have a difficult time finding a candidate that stands apart from the rest. Rather than stuffing your resume with keywords, filling your resume with words that describe you and your unique expertise is to your advantage.

Job Search Myth #3

“I have to go back to school or get more certifications before I find an executive job.”

You don’t have to have all of the certifications and degrees in order to find a job that’s right for you. Speaking intelligently to your expertise and experience will make a huge impact.

Job Search Myth #4

“I have to go through HR.”

Human Resources is not the only way to connect to a company and land an executive job. Connecting with the person who may be your boss may result in a better response. You can find them in a more personal setting, such as a networking event or through LinkedIn.

 This is just a start -- We have more executive job search myths to bust. Stay tuned to the Career Resume Consulting blog for the next set of job myths. We love helping people in the Kansas City metro area through their search for an executive career.

Tammy Kabell

Written by Tammy Kabell

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