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3 Simple Steps to a Perfect Video Interview

Jul 2, 2023 9:51:07 AM

Video interviewing is essential to today's hiring processes. A recent survey found that 81% of people in talent acquisition (recruiters/HR) said they still rely on video interviewing and virtual hiring processes because video interviewing is cheaper, faster, and just as effective as flying someone in for a face-to-face meeting.


Since video interviewing is only going to become more common, there are some important things to keep in mind when using video in your next interview:

  1. Make sure your whole face is in the frame. I’ve had a lot of initial consultations with people before becoming our clients, where all I could see was the top half of their faces. Often times this can be fixed by just tilting your laptop differently.
  2. Make sure your sound works well. Usually, the built-in microphone on a laptop is horrible and can really ruin an otherwise beautiful setup and interview performance. Have you ever had an instance where the person you're talking with can't be understood because their laptop microphone didn't pick up the first and last word of their sentence? The same happens for you if you are relying on a built-in microphone. 😱
  3. Make sure the lighting is right. If the light is behind you, you’ll be covered in shadow; you’ll just be a silhouette. If a window is behind you, that will cause this problem as well. In fact, I rarely see good lighting without some effort being put into the setup.
You can solve the sound problem by getting an external microphone. I recommend the Lavalier Microphone or a lapel microphone. You can find them for less than $20 on Amazon. Using an internal microphone during a video interview is a big no-no.

You can solve the lighting problem by purchasing a desktop Ring Light.
There are many different kinds. Most of our clients use a convenient tabletop version. If you purchase a ring light, make sure to get one with different temperatures. A cold temperature (5000 degrees Kelvin) will have a blueish tint, while a yellowish tint (3000 degrees Kelvin) will give you that warm and welcoming temperature you want.  

Most people have poor-quality video or audio because they just don’t know any better.   If your lighting and audio are perfect, they won't be noticeable to the interviewer. If you have poor quality in either, they will distract from what is coming out of your mouth and the ideas you are trying to convey. However, with these few simple actions, you can greatly enhance the quality of your video interviewing. Don't make a simple oversight during your interview setup that will cost you a better job.

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Tammy Kabell

Written by Tammy Kabell