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Note from Tammy Kabell, March 1, 2024:


As the CEO of CRC, I take immense pride in presenting you with our clients' job search success data points. This data was collected from all of our clients with activity between April 1st, 2020 (our first client's start date after the pandemic shutdown) through December 31, 2023. We took out eight outlying clients who make seven figures so that the averages aren't skewed unrealistically high.


It's important to understand that the numbers below represent the AVERAGE statistic for our client group over the last three calendar years, but each person has their own story and career situation, and we can't guarantee your outcomes in any of these metrics. (If you would like to know our estimate of your search outcome and your marketability, you can schedule a brief call with one of our experienced team.)


Our mission is clear: to empower you on your journey toward securing a job that fits you perfectly. With a proven track record of transforming well over a thousand careers, our highly-tenured team specializes in crafting:

  • Compelling personal branding material (think functional resume, chronological CV, LinkedIn profile)
  • Personalized outreach strategies (proactively contacting the right people in the right companies and saying all the right things)
  • Coaching you on effortless conversations with decision-makers to explore if there is a fit -- without pesky competition. You're prepared for every meeting.
  • Expert interview coaching (especially helpful if you have not interviewed outside of your current company for years or at the level of job you are currently seeking)
  • Negotiation assistance (working behind the scenes to coach you on what to say and in what order to say it)

Our success data speak for us, showcasing our unwavering commitment to excellence -- and to exceeding our clients' expectations.


If you join the ranks of our satisfied clients who have achieved remarkable success in their job searches and career advancement, you can be assured that your future is our priority, and together, we'll make it shine.


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Additional Cash Compensation since 2020 (thru 12/2023)


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Client Compensation Stats

2020 through 2023 (Cash Components Only)

Average “Before” Cash Comp: $242,267

Average “After”  Cash Comp: $369,311

Overall Range “Before”: $81,000 - $680,000 (excluding 7-figure clients)

Overall Range “After”: $165,000 - $990,000

Average Increase in Cash Comp: $130,239

Smallest Increase in Cash Comp: $15,000

Largest Increase in Cash Comp: $340,000

Average Comp Increase Per Client: 53.8%

2020 Average Increase in Cash Comp: 50.6%

2021 Average Increase in Cash Comp: 45.6%

2022 Average Increase in Cash Comp: 61.3%




Average Age of Client: 49

Youngest Client: 34

Oldest Client: 69


Amount invested

Average Amount Invested: $12,752*

Average NET Comp Increase (After Investment): $117,487

SMALLEST NET Comp Increase since 2020 (After Investment): $8,300

Gross ROI First Year: 1236% or 12.4X

Net ROI First Year: 1134% or 11.3X

Forbes Magazine called investing in your own career has the highest return of any major investment available. With the numbers above, you can see why.


*Q: Why is my proposal so much higher than this?

A: If your proposal is significantly higher than this average (somewhere in the range of $15,700 to $28,700), then I or one of my team has prescribed all three of our main job-seeker programs for your situation.

On average, our clients enroll in around two programs - a good portion of them enroll in all three programs, and a significant amount of other clients only enroll in our Executive Branding program.

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Time of Engagement

Average Time to Complete Branding Program: 7.1 Weeks

Average Time Between Search Launch (After Branding Is Completed) and New Start Date: 4.9 Months

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Employment Status

36% unemployed

64% employed


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If you have questions or would like to see more detailed numbers, contact Tammy Kabell at