Though we work with highly experienced executives in a variety of situations, the majority of our clientele are those who have not had to actively search for a new position in many years - sometimes, they've never had to look for a position at all!

If you fit this scenario, whether you are fully employed, nearing a layoff, or have already taken a severance package, you've come to the right place. Most of our clients, having no recent experience in the executive job market, need a solid plan of attack in order to be successful.

Here is the strategy:

Craft the right message - one of a thought leader with unmatched performance and impact to your employers' bottom lines.

Get that message in front of the right people - those that have the authority and budget to hire you or create a job for you from scratch, as they see you as an investment.

Control the interviewing process - by becoming not only the most competent person for the job, but the most relevant to a company's pain points and aspirations, and the most likable.

This winning strategy will find you the "right fit" position with a great company that will be more than willing to pay you what you're worth.

From experience, we know that in order to be successful in an executive search, you first must have a strategy in place. Otherwise, you will find yourself blindly searching the job boards and talking with recruiters about positions that are well beneath your qualifications.

So, if you are in an active career search, or even contemplating one, it is important that you first understand the state of the Executive Job Market.


To work strategically, and determine the activities that will work for you, understanding the competitive landscape is key.


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This report will answer the following questions:

  • What is the unadvertised "hidden" job market, and what does that mean for me?
  • The 3 factors that have changed the job market into what it is currently.
  • How long can I expect my job search to take?
  • If unemployment is at historically low rates, why is it taking me so long to find a new position?
  • Once I know today's job market, what is the next step?

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